Embark on Level 1 – The Alphabet.

Discover the Benefits of Teaching in Alphabetical Order:

Familiarity with the Alphabet
Mastering Alphabetical Sequence
Connecting Letter Names and Sounds
Gradual Introduction of New Vocabulary
Building Confidence for Blending and Segmentation

Phonics a to z names and sounds
research has established that children who know the names of letters learn letter-sound associations more readily than those without letter-name knowledge.

Correct Letter and Sound Identification
Practice Vocabulary and Sounds on Previous Pages
Verbal, Written, and Distinguished First Sound Identification
Reinforce Vocabulary and Sounds with Flashcards and Games
Utilize Printable Resources for Additional Practice
Collaborate with Online Games for Enhanced Learning Experience

Phonics alphabet letter sounds wall chart
YouTube player

Access Target Animation to Model Letter Names and Sounds
Pause Video for Learner’s Interactive Responses
Clarify Vocabulary with Short Definitions, Actions, or Sounds
Engage in Vocabulary Review Together at the Video’s End

Confirm Correct Letter Name and Sound Pronunciation
Ensure Confidence in Letter Pronunciation
Employ Guided Repetition for Reinforcement
Avoid Excessive Drilling if Struggles Arise

Phonics the letter a sound
Phonics letter a words

Go Through Vocabulary Words Together
Point or Circle Corresponding Pictures
Elicit Vocabulary Words with Number Calling
Practice Repetition with Focus Sound (e.g., “a a apple, a a alligator”)
Get Creative with a “Draw and Guess” Game
Act Out Words, Involve Students in Interactive Learning Fun!

Demonstrate Correct Formation on Whiteboard or Online Book
Use Fingers to Show Letter Formation, Encourage Imitation
Add Creativity – Turn Letter Shapes into a Dance!
Model Writing with Letter Sound /a/ before Book Writing
Guide Letter Sound Pronunciation During Writing Practice
Allow Ample Practice Time for Comfortable Mastery.

Online Phonics Letter Writing
Phonics letter a print color

Model First Answers to Familiarize Learners
Allow Guided Experience with Structured Examples
Engage in “A. Listen and write Aa or cross it out (X)” Activity
Practice Identifying First Sounds with Class Interaction
Guide Students through “B. Color the pictures that start with Aa” Section
Cross Out Incorrect Pictures to Elicit Correct Answers
Facilitate Individual Assistance During Coloring Time
Conduct Letter, Sound, and Vocabulary Review
Engage Class in Letter Name and Sound Recall
Reinforce Vocabulary Practice (e.g., a a axe) Together.

Enjoy Online Games after Every Two Book Pages
Online Games Enhance Vocabulary Practice
Encourage Speaking Out Vocabulary (Picture-Only Format)
Games Include Numbers, Colors, and Yes/No Answers
Easy Practice for Learners with Various Styles
Utilize Flashcards and Printable Games for Kinesthetic Learners

YouTube player
YouTube player

Watch, Dance, and Sing Along to Catchy Tunes
Engage with the Book: Read Aloud and Identify Pictures
Encourage Learners to Circle or Point to Pictures
Practice Sound and Word Pronunciation (e.g., a a axe)

Engaging Student Book/Workbook
Interactive Student Book
Handy Flashcards
Colorful Wall Friezes (Various Sizes)
Extra Pages for Coloring & Writing
Fun Quizzes
Audio Scripts
Exciting Games
Certificate of Completion

Alphabet flashcards phonics
Phonics Print letter A

Reinforce Lessons with Independent Learning
Offer Guidance When Needed
Encourage Self-Reliance for Learner Empowerment
Foster Metacognition Development
Build Array of Skills and Awareness