Delve into Level 4 – Letter Muddles

Discover Non-Vowel Diphthongs (oi, ow, au)
Unravel R-Controlled Vowels (er, ir, oor, oar)
Learn Common Suffixes (tion, true, cian)
Master Silent Letters for Proficiency.

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.
Kate DiCamillo

Identify Correct Vowels from Sounds, Words, and Pictures
Practice Word Families with Different Consonants
Recognize Rhyming Words within Word Families
Reinforce Vocabulary and Sounds with Flashcard Games
Enhance Segmenting Skills with Spelling Practice
Read Short Stories, Unit Stories, and Focused Material for Mastery.

Phonics Wall chart level 4
YouTube player

Access Target Animation for Letter Names and Sounds Modeling
Pause Video to Elicit Learner’s Answers and Interaction
Clarify Vocabulary with Short Definitions, Actions, or Sounds
Review Vocabulary Together at Video’s End
Utilize the Pause Button for Practice and Reinforcement
Enhance Learning with Interactive Video Experience.

Practice Blending for example, “oi” like “oil”
Replace the First Sound with Different Consonants
Ensure Learner Masters Phonics Focus
Practice Verbally and in Writing for Proficiency.

Phonics oi
words with oi

Explore Targeted Vocabulary Words Together
Learners Point to Corresponding Pictures (Circle if Online)
Group Practice in Classroom, then Individual Practice
Elicit Vocabulary Words with Number Calling
Enjoy a “Draw and Guess” Game with Learners
Act Out Words for Interactive Learning
Reinforce with Flashcards for Enhanced Retention.

Each Lesson Focus Includes Engaging Book Material
Utilize Material to Guide, Elicit Answers, and Provide Support
Empower Students with Guidance and Assistance

Phonics Color Prints
Phonics oi words

Practice Five Additional Words or Read a Short Story
Explore Writing Target Focus with Different Consonants
Enhance Learning Verbally and in Writing
Introduce Short Spelling Quiz for Added Practice
Engage in Fun and Effective Learning Activities.

Reinforce Lessons with Engaging Games
Online Games for Every Two Book Pages
Focus on Vocabulary with Picture-Only Format
Games Incorporate Numbers, Colors, Yes/No Answers
Easy Practice for Learners
Kinesthetic Learners Benefit from Flashcards and Printable Game Activities.

YouTube player
YouTube player

Each Unit Focus Comes with a Structured Story
Example: “The Royal Oyster” for Non-Vowel Diphthong oi/oy
Start with “New Words” for Sight Words Introduction
Watch Animation, then Practice Reading in Various Ways:
– Pause Animation & Read Page by Page
– Utilize Online PDFs of Student Books or Storybooks
– Print a Story from Student Book or Workbook
Encourage Learners to Lead While Reading
Provide Assistance When Needed for a Smooth Learning Journey.

Engaging Student Book/Workbook
Interactive Student Book
Handy Flashcards
Colorful Wall Friezes (Various Sizes)
Captivating StoryBook
Fun Quizzes
Audio Scripts
Interactive Games
Certificate of Completion

Phonics Flashcards Online Printable
Phonics Printable workbook level 4

Reinforce Lessons through Independent Learning
Provide Guidance When Needed
Foster Self-Reliance for Learner Empowerment
Encourage Metacognition Development
Build an Array of Skills and Awareness