Level 1 – The Alphabet

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Early Emergent Readers
(Pre-K/Kindergarten/Early ESL Learners)

Discover a world of interactive learning, focusing on:

✔ Letter name and sound identification
✔ Sound/symbol relationship
✔ Tracing and writing letter shapes

Building essential alphabet vocabulary.
Start the journey to reading success today!

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With our Life-Time Access offer, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to all content and updates, ensuring a seamless learning experience that evolves with you.

Our full-color, high-detail PDFs are thoughtfully designed to enhance your learner’s experience, promoting hands-on interactivity for a more engaging and enjoyable educational journey.

Master the alphabet and its individual sounds with our comprehensive collection:

Student Book — 131 pages of captivating content, presented in full color and highly detailed.
Workbook — Dive into 73 pages of grayscale and highly detailed exercises for reinforcement.
A4 Review Card — Quickly review individual letters and their corresponding sounds.
A4 Wall Frieze — 26 pages featuring one letter per page with all letter images to assist learners.
A4 Wall Posters — 26 pages, each displaying a capital and lowercase letter with an anchor image.
A5 Wall Posters — 14 pages, providing a compact version of the A4 wall posters for easy reference.
Audio Script — 4 pages of detailed PDF containing the audio used on the site.
A4 Flash Cards — 156 pages of interactive flashcards, covering all letters/sounds and relevant images.
Small Flash Cards — 21 pages, offering a convenient size for on-the-go learning.
Quizzes and Answer Keys — 16 pages for assessing students’ abilities and reinforcing learning.
Certificate — 1 page to award learners upon level completion, celebrating their achievement.

Unlock the potential of early literacy with our Level 1 resources. Invest in Life-Time Access now and empower learners with a solid foundation in reading and writing. Start your educational journey today at!


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