Level 2 – Short Sounds & Blends


Emergent Readers
(Kindergarten/ESL learners)
Unlock the Path to Reading Proficiency with:

✔ Blending and Segmenting for Improved Pronunciation and Spelling
✔ Exploration of CVC Word Families Using All Five Short Vowels
✔ Dive into Additional CVC Words and Even Fun “Nonsense Words”
✔ Mastering Letter Blends: CVCC, CCVC, and CCVCC Words

Designed for Young Minds.
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Unveil Your Learning Journey with Unrestricted Lifetime Access! Elevate Learning through Engaging Full-Color Interactive PDFs.

Mastery of CVC Words and Advancement to CCVC, CVCC & CCVCC Blends. Immerse in Diverse Letter Combinations: a, e, i, o, u, ll, ss, zz, tt, oo, u, nk, lk, nt, nd, mp, lf, ft, ck, lt, ng, st, sk, tr, sm, tw, sn, sl, dr, bl, br, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, cr, cl, qu.

Dive into Comprehensive Resources:

Student Book: 125 pages, Full-Color, High-Detail
Workbook: 78 pages, Grayscale, High-Detail
Story Book: 131 pages, Enlarged Printable Versions
A4 Review Card: Quick Access for Letters and Sounds
A4 Wall Posters: 10 pages, Featuring Each Letter in Upper and Lower Case with Anchor Images
A5 Wall Posters: 5 pages, Compact Versions of A4 Wall Posters
Audio Script: 4 pages, Detailed PDF of Site Audio
Flash Cards: 33 pages, Covering All Letters/Sounds and Level Images
Quizzes and Answer Keys: 20 pages, Assessing Student Proficiency
Spelling Book: 2 pages, Segmentation Practice with Spelling
Certificate: 1 page, Commending Learners upon Level Completion

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