Level 3 – Long & Funny Sounds

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Transitional Readers
(Grade 1-2/ESL learners)
Empower Your Reading Journey with:

Mastery of Split Digraphs and Silent E Words (e.g., game, bike, home)
Delve into Vowel Digraphs (e.g., ai, oa, ew) for Enhanced Learning
Conquer Consonant Digraphs (e.g., sh, ch, th) to Expand Phonics Skills
Enhance Story Comprehension Abilities
Tackle Multisyllabic Words with Confidence

Perfectly Tailored for Young Minds. Elevate their Reading Skills Today!

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Explore Long Vowel Sounds, Quirky Digraphs, and Tri-letter Blends:
a_e – i_e – o_e – u_e – ay – ai – ee – ea – y – ey – igh – ie – y – oa – ow – oo – ue – ew – ui – sh – ch – tch – th – wh – ph – shr – spl – thr – aeiou

This Comprehensive Digital Download Includes:

Student Book 133 Pages Rich in Full Color and Detail
Workbook85 Pages Detailed Grayscale Material
Story Book131 Pages Larger Printable Versions of Each Captivating Story
A4 Review Card1 Page Quickly Review Individual Letters and Sounds
A4 Wall Posters10 Pages Dedicated Pages for Each Letter, Featuring Both Uppercase and Lowercase Variants Along with Anchor Images
A5 Wall Posters5 Pages Compact Versions of A4 Wall Posters
Audio Script7 Pages Comprehensive PDF Detailing Audio Content Used on the Site
Flash Cards41 Pages Encompassing All Letters/Sounds and Corresponding Images from the Level
Quizzes and Answer Keys20 Pages Effective Tools for Assessing Student Proficiency
Spelling Book2 Pages Practice Segmentation with Spelling
Certificate1 Page Celebrate Learner’s Achievement Upon Level Completion

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