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PhonicsMonsters All Levels

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Level 1 – The Alphabet
Level 2 – Short Sounds & Blends
Level 3 – Long & Funny Sounds
Level 4 – Letter Muddles


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Discover a World of Learning with Four Comprehensive Levels:

Level 1 – The Alphabet
Letter name and sound identification
Sound/symbol relationship
Tracing and writing letter shapes

Level 2 – Short Sounds & Blends
Blending and Segmenting for Improved Pronunciation and Spelling
Exploration of CVC Word Families Using All Five Short Vowels
Dive into Additional CVC Words and Even Fun “Nonsense Words”
Mastering Letter Blends: CVCC, CCVC, and CCVCC Words

Level 3 – Long & Funny Sounds
Mastery of Split Digraphs and Silent E Words (e.g., game, bike, home)
Delve into Vowel Digraphs (e.g., ai, oa, ew) for Enhanced Learning
Conquer Consonant Digraphs (e.g., sh, ch, th) to Expand Phonics Skills
Enhance Story Comprehension Abilities
Tackle Multisyllabic Words with Confidence

Level 4 – Letter Muddles
✔  Mastering Diphthongs (e.g., oi, ow, ear) for Enhanced Language Proficiency
✔  Unveiling the Mystery of Silent Letters (e.g., kn, st, dge)
✔  Embracing Suffixes (Words Ending in -tion, -sion, -cian) for Advanced Vocabulary
✔  Strengthening Story Comprehension Skills

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